July 23, 2007

Book Review: Diplomatic Immunity

The Melchizedek Ambassadors Training Program, by Anrita Melchizedek (Dolphin Ray Productions, 2003, ISBN 1-903248-01-9)

This book was written by: Anrita Melchizedek, who "had two Angel friends, both little boys, one with a dove on his shoulder, who were her constant companions for just over two years. She further communicated with Nature Spirit Intelligence, seeing fairies, as well as communicating with animals. Through this plane of dualities, Anrita chose a multi-colored weaving in preparation for her light work, including drinking and drugs." (p.421)

What is in this book: "An accumulation of Mystery School teachings that have previously been taught in ancient Egypt and Atlantis. These teachings are now being shared through an experimental understanding of the Eye of Horus and Tantric Immortality to bring about One Unity Consciousness."(p.xi)
We need One Unity Consciousness because we "requested that the Spiritual Hierarcy allow [...] laggard souls to incarnate onto the Earth plane," so we could "assist them to move forward into the light." Unfortunately, as is so often the case in these situations, "through the accumulation of negative energy of these laggard souls around the Earth plane on an astral level, the Christ Consciousness grid around the Earth plane began to dim."(p.37) Things go so bad that Arcturian Emissaries of Light, the "most celestial, Angelic Beings of Light," "chose to no longer incarnate onto this Earth plane due to the denser dimensional frequencies." (p.38)

What is not in this book: Name-calling, mudslinging, and other criticism. The book uses positive reinforcement to remind us of the greatness that we once possessed, and seem to have forgotten after our universal paradise of learning and enrichment got crapped up by the trash we accepted from all ends of creation. Does this sound at all familiar, New Jersey?

Would you recommend this book to Jenny Craig? No, she works with a different kind of light being.

Would you recommend this book to a citizen of the former Soviet Socialist Republic state of Uzbekistan? Most definitely. Preferably before an ill-fated sea voyage together. I would get a chair near the purser's office, so I could begin my harrowing tale of survival with the phrase, "Before the wreck, I was sitting on the deck when an Uzbeck Melchizedek tried to cash a check..." Depending on the buffet options available at the time, I might also be eating speck.

What was interesting about this book? The warning printed on the back of the title page. "Using these guided visualizations will create physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual change. If you have any conditions that might make participation unwise, or if you are currently taking anti-psychotic drugs, we advise you to reconsider participating in these guided visualizations."

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