September 28, 2008

Celebrity Recommendations

You are in an airport bookstore where you bump into Samuel L. Jackson. He's holding a copy of For Mothers of Difficult Daughters and heading towards the register.
Should you say something?

You are in an elevator at work when a glum-looking Al Gore taps you on the shoulder. "Hey," he says, "I was on my way to an important environmental symposium when I found this book on the end of the world. Do you think it's any good?"
What do you tell him?

You are sent back in time to 1898 clutching your most prized possession, a well-read copy of The Memory Key. You spot a stouthearted young man of fighting age who is looking for something to read.
Do you share your book with him?

Are you kept awake at night by worries that you might find yourself in one of the above situations? It's why Bitterly Books provides celebrity recommendations. With just one click, you'll know which books these people--and the other high-profile individuals who count on you so regularly for your discerning taste in literature--should read and which to steer clear of.

Bitterly Books is currently offering book recommendations for:

Al Gore
Andrew Dice Clay
Angelina Jolie
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ashton Kutcher
Better Business Bureau Members
Billy Mays
Bob Barker
Boy Scouts
Calista Flockhart
Carrot Top
Chili Cook-Off Judges
Christine McVie
Classical Musicians
Cole Porter
Damaged Individuals in Search of Completion
Daniel Day-Lewis
Davy Jones
Dennis Day
Dick Cheney
Digital Underground
Dilbert Fans
Dina Lohan
Doctor Bunsen Honeydew
Don Roberts
Doomsday Fetishists
Doris Day
Douglas Corrigan
Ed O'Neill
Eric Estrada
Families of the Incarcerated
Federally Protected Witnesses
Fox Mulder
Frances Day
Francis Day
Gandalf (Gray or White)
Graham Day
Gullible Rubes
Hannah Montana's Fans
Hap Day
Heidi Fleiss
Hollywood Studio Executives
Hook-Handed Men
Howie Day
Hulk Hogan
Intelligent Design Proponents
International Whaling Commission Members
Jack Bauer
Jack D. Ripper
Jamie Lynn Spears
Jenna Jameson
Jenny Craig
John McCain
John McEnroe
Kat Von D
Kate Moss
Laraine Day
Larry Flynt
Larry Storch
The Liberal Media
Lil' Kim
Literary Agents
Lou Dobbs
Marty McFly
Marv Albert
Maureen Flannigan
Maury Povich
Mel Gibson
Memory Loss Victims
Michael Nesmith
Micky Dolenz
Middle-Class, White Suburban Youths
Monty Python Fans
Missy Elliott
Norman Schwarzkopf
Pat Robertson
Pathmark Customers
People Diagnosed with Attention Defecit Disorder
People Planning to Be Sent to Prison
Peter Tork
Power Lifters
Professional Wrestlers
R. Kelly
Rand McNally
Richard Gere
Robin Day
Ryan Day
Samuel L. Jackson
Sandra Day O'Connor
Scarlett O'Hara
Schoolteachers Who Care
Serial Killers
Someone with a Speech Impediment
Steven Seagal
Stockwell Day
Stouthearted Young Men of Fighting Age from the Year 1898
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Thomas Haden Church
Tom Cullen
Tom Jones
Tony Hawk
U.S. Attorneys General
Video Game Nerds
War Widows
Warren Buffett
William R. Day
Willy Brandt
Wonder Woman

You're welcome.

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