June 14, 2007

Book Review: Mind the Power

The POWERMIND(tm) System: Twelve Lessons on the Psychology of Success (Kiefer Enterprises International Press, 1995 ISBN 0-9645934-0-8)

This book was written by: Michael Monroe Kiefer, M.S., who graduated college with "two high technology science degrees" and "vowed [he] would never read another book again."(p.XI) He was in danger of spending the rest of his life as an "overweight cynical sleepaholic"(p.XII) until his life hit a turning point. And then another turning point. And then five more turning points after that. In his prelude ("The Author's Amazing Transfiguration"), he discusses how these seven turning points led him to develop the POWERMIND(tm) system.

What is in this book: A collection of techniques designed to help anyone become a hyperintelligent superachiever, living dreams and seizing success. After a self assessment, the book moves on to set goals and teaches powerbonding to ensure that you can properly harmonize your triune mind, which may grant you superpowers. After all, your superconscious mind is "connected by a belt to what most people call God"(p.199), and if your mind "can communicate with or invoke a higher power [....] any ESP-type abilities will stem from this source by way of the superconscious mind"(p.199-200). The final section of the book shows how to use what you've learned to achieve your goals, and these methods have to work because poverty is only "a disease of mind"(p.119).

What is not in this book: Self pity. “You are personally responsible for the way your life works out”(p.402). Presumably, this includes cancer, earthquakes, missing car keys, lines at the bank, genocide, and rape.

Would you recommend this book to power lifters? Yes, provided that they lift this book by the case.

Would you recommend this book to masterminds? Yes, both criminal and otherwise, if they are in need of something to boost their self esteem.

What was interesting about this book? There is a section on scientific prayer(p.384), and instructions on reading a book that has one tracing a finger over the repeated phrase "The POWERMIND system helps all and hurts none" (p.342). It also includes "It's your fault: a personal responsibility self-awareness poem,"(p.401) which is 13 lines with no discernible meter or rhyme scheme that imparts this nugget of wisdom:.
"If you decide never to read a self-help book and then suffer dramatically because you are ignorant of success principles, it's your fault." (p.401, emphasized by the author)

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Anonymous said...

Stop spamming with useles information. People like you make it difficult to find quality info. Stop!!!

Bitterly Books said...

What does "quality info" mean? These are actual books, with correct author and ISBN information provided, and all of the quotes are accurate.

You're right, though. My two posts a month are an obscene volume of information, almost too much for the internet to handle! I should be ashamed of myself for creating such massive amounts of spam.

Thank god you commented on a three-year-old post about a book published over a decade ago to show me how much my current actions are harming the internet.

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