June 14, 2007

Book Review: Protect Yourself With Psychics

Psychic Protection by Ted Andrews (Dragonhawk Publishing, 1998 ISBN 1-888767-30-8)

This book was written by: Ted Andrews. Ted has written over 30 books. His author information mentions this along with his musical skills, his interest in ballet and kung fu, and his state and federal permits to work with birds of prey. He also wants you to know that "in his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his menagerie of animals, horseback riding and ballroom dancing."
Ted is qualified to offer advice on psychic protection because back in the early 70's, an astrologer friend of his was being targeted by an ex-boyfriend who was part of "a true occult group" that was "very organized, very well trained, very large, and very secretive. They were after power and control (spiritually and politically), and they employed ancient rituals, sexual magic, and other occult techniques." (p.109-110) He stepped in "as a kind of psychic white knight," (p.109) and had to defend himself. Psychically.

What is in this book: A discussion of psychic influences and phenomena, suggested tools and techniques to protect and strengthen yourself through psychic means, and a few words on using your abilities responsibly, all colored with some of Ted's personal observations.

What is not in this book: How to gain riches and power by contacting that occult group in Texas that specializes in tormenting ex-girlfriends. Also, how to stop scanners from detonating your head like a latex sack full of dog food and rabbit livers that's been blasted with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Would you recommend this book to psychics? I think they already know the answer to that.

Would you recommend this book to gullible rubes and/or damaged individuals in search of completion? No, I would recommend that they hand their $12.95 directly over to me.

What was interesting about this book? The section on "distinguishing psychic junk" (p.303) that steers readers clear of the more obvious psychic scams, and the refreshingly honest admission that "a good 75 percent of those who seek out psychics do so because of real problems and do not necessarily need psychic input."(p.327)

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