June 14, 2007

Book Review: Ice Pyramids of Doom

Today’s book is 5/5/2000 ICE: THE ULTIMATE DISASTER by Richard W. Noone (Harmony Books, 1986 ISBN 0-517-56142-5)

This book was written by: Richard W. Noone. Part prophet, part detective, Noone has "learned to see ancient astronomy in terms of observational techniques based on measurements of the actual size of the earth, rather than on church-inspired concepts of the universe."(p.v) He has dedicated his book to the rational soul of the world.

What is in this book: Detailed explanations about how the pyramids are actually massive warning signs left for us by our incredibly advanced ancestors, warning us about an upcoming polar shift on 5/5/2000. Noone's narrative exposes the freemason roots of the United States' founding fathers, explains how orgone energy is another name for the power harnessed by the ancient Egyptians, and elaborates on how the astral alignment of certain planets on 5/5/2000 will result in massive buildups of ice at the earth's poles, triggering the apocalypse. He does so by using the highly scientific techniques of drawing connections between people with similar initials (p.308), and adding years together to get significant numbers ("The numbers in the year 1967 again equal twenty-three, the number Robert Anton Wilson in his book Cosmic Trigger believes guided him to 'a network of adepts that extends far beyond our earth.'"(p.308))

What is not in this book: a denouncement of global warming as a pseudoscience hoax perpetuated by the liberal media.

Would you recommend this book to doomsay fetishists? Absolutely. The fact that Noone's 2000 deadline has elapsed should in no way dampen their enthusiasm for this book. If, as Noone asserts, our preconcieved notions of history can lead us to deny the sophisticated technological accomplishments of our ancient ancestors, then it's entirely possible that a massive pole shift caused millions of deaths in 2000, and we're denying it today. "We much each decide what is true for himself" (p.77).

Would you recommend this book to Al Gore? Sure, if he's not too busy hugging trees or something.

What was interesting about this book? The "200 charts, maps, drawings, and photographs" that the author has chosen to illustrate his points. These include a photograph of the Atlanta V.A. Hospital (p. 113), painting of the caliph of Baghdad (p.94), Jean-Frederic Maximilien Waldeck's drawing of the tower at Palenque (p.70), a painting of George Washington as a mason (p.282), an image of a bare-breasted Cleopatra (p.240), and a photograph of the Egyptian room of a Masonic temple in Philadelphia (p.188). The maps and diagrams are equally interesting, including a pole shift diagram (p.321), and a map showing the continent of Mu (p.35).

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Theoferrum said...

One very interesting photo that you did not mention is that he has a picture of a face burned into the wall of the pyramid near the entrance to the Queen's Chamber.

I have been trying to find a print of that on the internet somewhere and absolutely nothing comes up in a search of the net.

Don't suppose I could convince you to scan it onto the net could I?


David T. Hill


Anonymous said...

I think that you're referring to figures 6.2/6.3, "The face on the wall of the passageway," on page 144.
I don't have a scanner, but the book credits the photo as originally from "Secrets of the Great Pyramid" by Peter Tompkins and reproduced with his permission.

Theoferrum said...

Awesome! Thanks! That will get me started.

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