October 16, 2007

From Beyond

From Sirius to Earth: A Therapist Discovers a Soul Exchange by
Evelyn Fuqua, PhD and Athor (Inner Eye Books, 1997, ISBN 1-880666-65-0)

This book was written by: Dr. Evelyn Fuqua, a Rosicrucian and (semi-retired) Marriage and Family Therapist who was a board member of the Association of Past Life Research and Therapies for 6 years. Dr. Fuqua writes that she started studying for her PhD in psychology at age 48 because she "wanted to have as many credentials as possible in order to be credible,"(p.xvii) but that she couldn't write her dissertation on past-life therapy because "the person teaching the class on dissertation writing insisted that there was no such thing as a past life and steadfastly refused to approve my proposed research" (p.xvii). She completed a PhD program in Psychology in 1983 from the Professional School of Psychology.
Athor is "an aspect of a Being of Light, a member of the Council of
Twelve on the star system Sirius
Athor's host, described as "Rose" (not her real name), suffered from Environmental Illness and experienced difficulties interacting with society. She had also been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, which resulted in a period of hospitalization.

What is in this book: Transcripts of Dr. Fuqua's hypnotherapy sessions with Rose/Athor, along with background information and autobiographies to put them in context.
At the age of 2, Rose exchanged souls with Athor, a voluntary process that both souls agreed to before birth. However, Athor experienced difficulties adapting to life on earth which were not unprecedented, as evidenced by the time that Athor "attempted to incarnate in a fetus during the time of Christ but the Athor vibrations were too high and the fetus exploded"(p.106). Additionally, Rose never completely vacated the vessel, and the two souls continued to experience difficulties through their entire shared life.
Dr. Fuqua has helped the Rose soul move on to the next level so that the Athor soul can have complete control of their previously shared body. Their work is presented in this book as a resource to help other Soul Exchange Entities, and as a repository of knowledge on past lives, the reincarnation process, and the Sirius Council of Twelve.

What is not in this book: Pulled punches. Everything that Rose/Athor thinks the reader needs to know has been written down in this book, regardless of how it may affect the public's opinion of her. For example, she offers proof of reincarnation by writing that "I was a woman in my twenties who was suddenly experiencing full-blown sexual feelings and explosions of loving recognition toward an eleven-year-old boy! Evidently, the young boy was experiencing the same." (p.44)

Would you recommend this book to Maureen Flannigan? Yes. Both Maureen and Athor are out of this world.

Would you recommend this book to a member of the Better Business Bureau? Not until the Council of Sirius starts clearly printing their soul exchange policy on their receipts.

What is interesting about this book?
Dr. Fuqua's refusal to take the easy way out. Although she writes that her Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-III) "defines paranoid-schizophrenia as a type of schizophrenia dominated by persecutory delusions and or hallucinations with persecutory or grandiose content," (p. 53) she is convinced that Rose/Athor's issues stem from a soul exchange even after Rose/Athor makes the following statements:

"Strangers on the street often turned around to look at me as I rode by in a car. Store patrons stared at me at the end of an aisle, as though I had just been beamed down from a spacecraft." (p.11)

"George, my future husband, was a musician romantically involved with a local negative witch who had an avid interest in necromancy. [....] We discovered that she wanted George's virgin teenage son as a sacrifice for her Satanic rituals."(p.43)

There is also chapter written by Rose/Athor where she describes being chased by the mafia, getting locked in an apartment by a pimp who wanted to add her to his stable, and barely escaping from four rape attempts, including one where five men "were going to knock me unconscious, drag me off for a gang rape, and probably kill me later."(p.12) All these events occur over 5 pages of text. Luckily, the worst was averted by Athor, working in concert with Rose's own heightened psychic abilities.

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Tony said...

About the only thing weird here is that negative witch comment... now keep in mind, I haven't reviewed the most recent edition of the Negative Witches and Cynical Warlocks Handbook, but I seem to remember something about an avid interest in the necromantic arts being a prerequisite for guild membership.

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