October 9, 2009

Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us: Chapter 1 Synopsis

Bitterly Books is undertaking a chapter-by-chapter review of Ralph Nader's work, Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us. You can read the synopsis of past chapters here. Past reviews can be read here, and Viator's columns can be read here.

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Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us, click here.


Buffett, having been motivated to bring about global change in the prologue, assembles a group of sixteen other "megamillionaires and billionaires" in a "high mountain redoubt above the Alenuihaha Channel." For the occasion they have "rented the entire premises of a small luxury hotel." Buffett leads the group in a discussion that lasts two days and several sumptuous meals. The seventeen agree on many wide-ranging, deep-seated problems plaguing the world writ large. They air many possible solutions, along with possible pitfalls and modifications. The project is called "Redirection," led by a "Secretariat." Among other things, an ad campaign is planned soliciting desired social and economic change from common people, as well as an undetermined mascot and the purchase of the vast majority of America's television and radio market. We learn that Buffett drinks Cherry Coke (no trademark), while Paul Newman prefers his own creation, the "Old Fashioned Roadside Virgin Lemonade."

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